Are Country French Antiques Period Unique?

It is a moot point whether country French antiques are really period unique genre. Antique furniture lovers around the world agree that the French country style adds warmth and depth to the living environment. During its early days of origin, French country style was referred to as Provincial Style furniture. French country antiques gained their roots from countryside or rural regions of France. Traditionally, true country style blended with the farmhouse styles found within different regions of France. The blending consisted of many different styles and periods. This came to be known as French Country style or Country French antiques. It is difficult indeed to associate any particular period to this style. Many persons familiar with French antiques have had the difficulty locating it historically. Though there is no typical genre we can assign to the country French antiques, the designs of this style had elements of the Renaissance period, Restoration period and Neo-classical period. However, it is very difficult even for the three periods’ experts to segregate each individual style. This is because of the blending of all the three styles into this one style. The style becomes original and you are left with French Country Style. What can be recognized or categorized in this style is that it represents the farming life of the peasants of France. It later became popular with the middle income earners. French Country Style furniture is a blend of furniture designs from various eras. However, the lines are much more simplistic, the woods more durable and the overall color is lighter. There is another debatable point as to why lives of peasants have to be romanticized in country French antiques. This concept is attributed to the dogma of Rousseau. He advocated less restrictions of societal influences and the work of this time represented this thought process. The peasant got an upper hand in this manner. Surprisingly later on upper class French women made an attempt to incorporate the peasant way of life within their households. French Country antiques may be considered a good option. An assemblage of many antique styles, make a great choice for a warm home. Tables for the kitchen, hutches, and armoires are classic French Country Style items.

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