Decorating With Architectural Antiques Recycling At Its Best

Olde Good Things rescues treasure trove of architectural antiques from demolition and makes them available to collectors, interior designers, and homeowners. Everybody wins with this recycling effort. Imagine seeing a vast collection of the most beautiful decorative antique items you’ve ever seen in your life, then finding out that the place where you saw them is scheduled for complete demolition including its contents. Whether you are a collector, an interior designer, or someone looking to enhance your vintage home, surely you’d want to rescue some of the treasures available. Thanks to the folks at Olde Good Things, you don’t need to simply wish or imagine to make it so. And you don’t have to spend a small fortune to make your dreams come true. A treasure trove of architectural antiques awaits you at Olde Good Things. Their vast inventory includes: architectural building elements, decorative metal, tiles, and stone and terra cotta pedestals, friezes and slabs. These gems have been rescued from nineteenth century and pre-depression era buildings and homes that sadly, did not survive the wrecking ball. Fortunately, the “architect urologists” at Olde Good Things have scouted near and far, to reclaim as many of these architectural antiques as can fit on their premises. They continue to expand their inventory with “new arrivals” as often as possible. Just a few months ago they acquired a large selection of antique wooden and marble mantelpieces. Styles include Baroque to Federal – French, American, Italian – in a range of sizes, colors and distinctions. Olde Good Things is one of the largest architectural antique dealers in the country, with store locations nationwide, and a gigantic warehouse filled with doorknobs, hardware, doors, mantels, decorative iron, stained glass, terra cotta and many more architectural antiques. What is mentioned above is only the tip of the iceberg at Olde Good Things. From small decorative items to large exterior columns, you’ll likely find exactly what you seek at Olde Good Things. If not, just contact them by phone or email, or visit the website later – but often!

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