Why Choose a Mantel Clock?

One of the more practical questions when designing your home, perhaps because you’ve just bought it, or perhaps because you’re refurbishing, when you have the room is do you find and buy a grandfather clock or a mantel clock. There are benefits to both, especially if you’ve inherited a grandfather clock, but most people will naturally choose a mantel clock, for size, portability and availability of ‘install’ space. This ‘install space is often on a prominent mantel piece, though increasingly, people are taking to installing shelves at the height of fireplaces (especially if their houses are heated by radiators) and installing mantel clocks as focal points.
It’s also critical to remember that in most cases, a mantel clock does not rule out a grandfather clock – and that they are simply used in different areas of the house. Mantel clocks made extra special Most mantel clocks (or carriage clocks) are ‘same old, same old’ – predictable designs in a variety of materials, based on the French and British clocks they came from. Whether contemporary, or with a slightly more classical twist, these clocks are ubiquitous to middle class houses, and are often overlooked and just considered a part of the background. But there are some mantel clocks that are considered to be the best of the best, and these are made to be bespoke art pieces that people can enjoy. And some of the best can be those made with semi-precious stones, or pieces of stone in various designs or of various types. These are often conversation pieces, and depending on your opinion or ‘like’ of different stone types can create an atmosphere of opulence, elegance, and even, some believe a specific ‘aura’ in the room. Specific Mantel clock types Many people like specific stones – they might believe in their healing powers (which are thought to be based on magnetic resonance), or they might simply be ‘drawn’ to one type or another based on colour, shape, or patterning. Some of the best mantel clocks are made of these types of stone. Jasper – a gorgeous stone that comes in one of two main types – Poppy (red) Jasper, or Opalite (pearlescent, multiple colours) Jasper – both are attractive and can form a great talking point in any room. Poppy Jasper looks good in terracotta rooms, while Opalite is good in any room with a neutral or darker colour scheme. It promotes a feeling of wellbeing and sleep in many people. It can be used as an inset into the base, or part of a statue. Malachite – this gorgeous green material can work well in almost any room – it’s eye-catching enough, without being overwhelming. It’s believed to promote peace, love and happiness, and looks beautiful paired with jade, or marble.

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