Advantages of Cooking in a Cooker With Induction Base

There are a lot of advantages in using a pressure cooker. The pressure cooker cooks food super-fast because the use of pressurized steam enhances the speed of cooking. The nutritional values are better as the cooking time is shorter. The use of fuel is minimized generating savings in fuel cost. But there are greater savings to be made! An interesting fact is that traditional gas burners transfer 47% of the heat energy to the pressure cooker while an induction base pressure cooker transfers a jaw dropping 90% of its energy to the utensil, reducing fuel costs to a bare minimum. While a traditional gas cooker is heated by a flame from the base and sides, the ideal pressure cooker heated on an induction cooker is heated from the base and the cooker’s base itself is transformed into a heat source. This leads to super-fast cooking and entails the associated nutritive savings too! The cooker reaches maximum heat in 15 seconds flat. It is advisable to go for a steel body pressure cooker from a reputed brand as this will ensure the required safety norms are in place.

The best way to cook in a cooker with an induction base The first thing to remember is to never preheat the pressure cooker on induction as it reaches high temperatures very fast, resulting in charred food. Organize the ingredients before heating the vessel to enjoy fast and tasty cooking. As the heating time is short you might end up burning food if all your ingredients are not ready. It is a good idea to cook the food on high heat to generate pressure, and then reducing the heat to sustain the pressure is the correct way to cooking on an induction burner. This will ensure well cooked food in a short time. Too high heat will char the food but leave it under done, and too low heat will not be able to sustain the pressure needed for optimal time and fuel saving. It is thus very important to follow guidelines and recipes to get the perfect cooking method. How to choose the ideal pressure cooker? The pressure cooker should have all prescribed safety norms in place. The brand should a reputed one with all the necessary accreditations. It should preferably have a steel body to facilitate even heating. There are several accessories that are inherent in the ideal pressure cooker to ensure perfect cooking.

The gasket is the sealing ring that prevents steam from escaping from the lid. Do ensure that the gasket is in optimal condition as it is prone to wear and tear. It is advisable to remove the gasket if you are using a dishwasher. The bracket and handle should be of ergonomic design and of heat resistant design. This is also an accessory which is prone to heavy wear and tear. It is also quite easily replaced. The regulator or the whistle is another very important accessory. Its major function is to regulate the steam built up in the cooker. It releases the steam when it reaches full capacity, colloquially called the whistle. This safety valve needs to be kept obstruction free and in prime condition to avoid accidents. Do ensure that you buy a brand that has a local presence and you can get genuine spare parts easily. It is important to maintain the health of the pressure cooker to ensure long usage. Take good care of your pressure cooker and your pressure cooker will take care of your health and wealth!

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