Protecting a Growing Generation’s Eyes

We started out utilizing technology to solve problems that humans encountered. In that pursuit of going into the technological unknown, we have created problems that we could have never anticipated. In a world where everyone from a two-year-old to ninety-nine-year-olds uses multiple digital devices, we are dealing with generations of unexpected eye strain. In the modern world, we are not only concerned with eye care but how the degeneration of our eyes can influence so many other aspects of our health.


No one could have predicted that digital screens would take over the workplace, school life, and social life. Staring into screens has become standard in every aspect of life. This consistency of looking into a light up close is having detrimental effects on our body and minds. It has also become culturally acceptable that ocular strain is the trade-off for technological consumption. The human eye has never before stared into the digital light for twelve hours a day. We are also experiencing children’s eyes for the first time growing up with this digital environment and the effects it will have on them as they mature. The high percentage of Americans experiencing this strain has influenced a new wave of technology to relieve this stress.


The technology this is gaining a lot of popularity are eyeglasses that protect the eyes from many of the factors that exacerbate strain. This new lens technology helps to filter out blue light. Even newer technology is combining the filtration of blue light along with eliminating glare. When these lenses were first being manufactured, the function was the top priority. This left anyone not wanting to done colored lenses in the lurch. On the most cutting edge of technological advances, there is now eyewear that anyone and everyone can wear.


Depending on your prescription, and personal style there are now companies producing ocular strain glasses that look like any other pair of glasses on the market. Whether you are needing sunglasses, regular prescriptions, reading glasses, or nonprescription there are many choices available. This could be particularly helpful to the younger generations of digital consumers.


Children are a huge population that partakes in digital technology. Much of the time they are activated on more than one device at a time. We have yet to know how this will affect long-term eye health. If dry eyes, headache, eye fatigue, or blurred vision are complaints of children it might be time to invest in a few pairs of glasses. Even if there aren’t eyesight problems, these new lenses appear like any other pair of glasses and could protect young eyes from debilitating effects.


There are many established companies now making digital protective glasses. There are functional and stylish options that could fit anyone’s needs. Whether your three years old or one hundred and three, there are frames and lenses that could protect from a new age of unknowns. The most effective treatment for digital ocular strain is not looking at screens and restricting the amount of time we spend on devices. With technology being so integrated into our culture, it might just be time to pick up a new pair of protective glasses.

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