A Comprehensive Guide for Wine Decanters

Wine is one of the oldest beverages made by man. This means that for centuries, wine experts have been perfecting the art of wine drinking. When you are just starting to drink wine, decanters may seem like a trivial indulgence. However, when you try a decanted wine, you realize that it makes a world of difference. As you progress in your appreciation on the intricacy of aromas and flavors of wine, it becomes obvious to you that to truly achieve the best-tasting experience, the wine must go through decanting. To most wine drinkers, the process of gently pouring a bottle into a beautiful decanter is a feast to all senses.

What Is A Decanter?

A wine decanter is a serving jug commonly used for liquids to go through the decantation process. Although they are usually utilized for red wine, decanters are also used for cognac, whiskey, bourbon, scotch, and others. The best wine decanter serves two purposes:

Separate Sediment

Sediments collect as wine ages. When you decant the wine, the sediments go to the bottom of the decanter giving you only the liquid when you sip from the wine glass. This process does not only provide clarity but also reduces the bitterness while softening the wine.

Provide Aeration

If you pour your wine into a decanter, you allow it to be exposed to the air before you drink it. The exposure aids in bringing the flavors of the wine. This result in a better tasting wine that lets you tastes all the complexity of flavors and aromas that the winemaker originally intended.

Benefits of Decanting Wine

Some wine lovers claim that decanters can make cheap wines taste a lot better. Several others regard decanters as an integral part of enjoying and drinking wine. However, regardless of the wine you are drinking, there is a great chance that pouring the wine first in a decanter before drinking it can enhance its flavor. Aside from this, wine decanters have that classy and vintage appeal. They can be used for added aesthetic appeal to the kitchen. You can also use them to show off to your friends when hosting a wine party. Wine decanters are attractive and functional and will always add an air of sophistication anywhere.

Types of Wine Decanters

Nowadays, wine decanters are available in various shapes. In fact, most of them are intended for aesthetics as much as function. But, one major feature that plays a vital role is the neck of the wine decanter. There are two types of wine decanter, the thin neck and the wide neck decanters.

Thin Neck Decanters

Thin neck decanters are not really that good in terms of aeration because the thin neck allows less air to get in the decanter. Aside from that, they can also be hard to clean. You will have to use special cleaning beads or brush so you can have them thoroughly cleaned. However, despite this downside, thin neck decanter is great for separating the sediments from the wine. It is important that when you are using this type of decanter you pour the wine very gently near a light source. Watch the bottle while pouring so you can see the sediments. Stop pouring as soon as you see it so it will not get through.

Wide Neck Decanters

The wide neck decanters are ideal if you want to give your wine aeration. Because of their neck, they let more air to get in so the wine aerates fast. Compared to thin neck decanters, this type is easier to clean. Wide neck decanters are popular to most wine drinkers.

Decanting is not just for connoisseurs and sommeliers. Given the benefits enumerated above, decanters can greatly enhance the flavors and aroma of the wine. They can also add a touch of sophistication to your home. Bottom line is, a wine decanter is a useful item for those who love a good glass of wine.

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