Choosing a jewelry for your boyfriend is not easy, it requires a certain reflection to make sure that the person who will receive it as a gift will like it. If you are thinking about giving a jewelry to a man, it is preferable to know well the tastes and style in the dress of the person in question, which is not different in the case of jewelry for women.

Generally, for men, we focus on models of sober and virile jewelry.

The most popular materials for men’s jewelry are white gold and silver. White gold is the ideal material for those men who wear jewelry on a daily basis as it is more durable and resistant to daily activities.

Also white gold is brighter than silver, of course the latter is cheaper. Some men prefer the yellow color of gold, although it has a slightly feminine connotation. It is also common to find yellow gold jewelry mixed with other materials such as leather or laces, which makes them male models quickly.

Choose a jewelry for man but what is the ideal for him?

Today men have a wide choice of jewelry, from the most classic to the most extravagant.

1.- Rings for men

– The alliance is the essential jewelry in weddings, usually gold and worn on the ring finger of the left hand.

– The seal, is a jewel of ancient tradition, was associated with the aristocracy of an era. Today it has more modern designs without a doubt. It also looks on the ring finger of the left hand.

– Other rings, jewelry designers and large firms have ring designs ideal for men, in all kinds of material and shapes, to take them how you want. The rings are undoubtedly the first jewel for men and the most popular among them.

2.- Earrings for men

The earrings have always been reserved for women, at least in our Western culture. But, we find men who wear them, in one or in two lobes, of varied shapes, but above all in button, nail or small rings. The earrings in a man complete a very specific look. Look them punkiesgrunge, modern and all men who want to break the schemes and get away a little, or much of the norm…

3.- Men’s bracelets and bracelets

The bracelet has become a very popular jewelry for men. The slaves for men have always been fashionable and have worn themselves engraved with names, initials or messages. His designs now evolve, as doe’s jewelry in general.

The rest of the bracelets for men can be made in any material, everything is possible and suitable for them: metal, cord, leather … In this aspect, the less fine it is, and the better. They like big and consistent jewels, imposing volumes that reaffirm their virility.

4.- Necklaces for men

The necklace or gold chains mens is the most difficult jewelry to wear for a man, without a doubt. They are usually loaded with symbology and adopt any form. From laces glued to the neck with funny pendants for summer days and beach, very surfer style; Until the long chains or well; the classic religious medals that have always been worn. Although necklaces and gold chains for men are possibly the last option we recommend to give to a man, they are worn, and if your boy is modern and daring, why not?

5.- The cufflinks for shirts and the tie clips for men

Both are a traditional jewelry accessory for men. They are undoubtedly the most discreet jewelry that you can give them. And, if your boyfriend usually uses a lot of suits, it will be a good gift without a doubt.

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