A Serving Of Veggies

I was thinking the other day about the first vegan I ever knew. She was in my literature class in college and I remember two things: she ate hummus at every gathering, and she wore the most horrible-looking vegan shoes I’d ever seen. I love me some hummus, but those shoes had to go. Surely there were better options! Well that was over ten years ago, and I’m happy to say that vegan clothing has come a long way. It’s also quite easy to find. For example, Etsy has its own vegan section called – no surprise – Vegan Etsy. And lest you think vegan clothes and accessories are boring, high-minded, not for you, or any combination of the above, the DCGF is ready to change your mind!

First up is this hilarious passport case from Tinymeat via Herbivore Clothing Company. Recognize those images? Yep, pretty much straight out of the safety book on the back of the seat pocket. Don’t you love it? The passport case has two slots to hold the passport and any other travel documents. And it’s only $18! This case alone is enough of a reason for me to get a passport.

On the other end of the spectrum are Stella McCartney’s handbags. The stunningly gorgeous Balboa Clutch at left is made of canvas! It’s been treated to have a sheen and texture unlike any canvas you’ve seen before. I love the chunky hardware (the website says it’s gold, but it looks more like gunmetal to me) and the old-school clasp on top of the hinge frame. Of course, seeing as how it’s Stella McCartney, this little gem of a bag will set you back $945, but wouldn’t it look stunning with a big comfy coat and some fancy Bottega Veneta sunglasses? It’s great to see a high-end designer showing that fashion doesn’t need fur or leather to be runway worthy.

For men there are fewer options, as in most things fashion-related, but the best dress shoes I’ve found are from NOHARM, a company based out of the UK. Their Italian-made hidden-lace shoe is superb. I mean look at them! Would you ever guess they’re not leather? I wish that every man in Washington, DC, would buy a pair of shoes in this style to wear with their suits. If I see one more unpolished, worn down, out-of-style pair…I’m gonna lose it! Ha. Sorry about the tirade, but nice shoes are an essential part of any outfit too, guys. I can’t say that enough. Most NOHARM shoes and boots run in the $275 – $300 range, which for men is – I believe – a worthwhile investment, considering it’s something that he’ll wear multiple times a week for several years. And the fact that these are European designed and made certainly justifies the price.

For women, one of my favorite vegan shoe labels is Neuaura. They’re a great sort for dressy vegan shoes, which can be much harder to find than the reasonably large selection of more casual styles. This pair, Macaw, is the perfect combination of girly and practical. The low heel means you can walk around in them all day, but the peep-toe, ankle strap, and tiny bow show that you have a stylish flair for something a little bit different. These cost $109, but they’re part of their new arrivals. A quick check around the interwebs revealed many Neuaura shoes on sale, some for just $40. Definitely one to keep an eye on!

So, long lost vegan college classmate, wherever you are, I hope you’ve found some new shoes over the years. Certainly there are so many great choices now. Who are your favorites?

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