Things to Remember While Buying a Home Popcorn Maker

A popcorn maker is an appliance which heats up the popcorn kernels until it pops the popcorn. It is also called a popcorn machine. The process of popping the popcorn differs from machine to machine, but there are a few basic types of popcorn makers such as Air Popcorn Makers, Microwave Popcorn Makers and Oil Popcorn Makers. Different Types of Popcorn Makers

There are many types of popcorn maker machines available in the market so here are a few tips on what kind of machine to get. The cooking method varies from machine to machine like some use oil to cook the kernels whereas other use hot air. The Hot air popcorn makers are a healthier option as compared to oil. Some popcorn makers let you add seasoning like salt, butter and various popcorn powdered seasoning. Hot air popcorn makers generate heat in the enclosed container thus the kernels are popped out by that circulating heat. Even though this type of machine cooks the popcorn without oil, some people do not appreciate this non-oily taste. However, it is a matter of personal choice and preference. The popcorn tastes a little drier without the presence of oil. On the contrary, Oil popcorn makers heat oil on a stove or on a hot plate giving several forms of containment for the popping of the popcorn seeds. This one is the traditional way of popping popcorns. Oil is usually used in almost kinds of cooking but oils are known to have very high cholesterol content and may be dangerous if consumed by people with heart problems. Microwaves are also used these days to pop popcorn. The benefit of purchasing a microwave is that you reheat other foods on top of just popping popcorns all the time. This will be a budget-friendly route for many people. Buying a microwave is like getting a multi-purpose machine which will serve the various reheating needs in the kitchen. However, if you are buying a microwave with the primary intention of popping popcorns, it is essential to take note that this machine needs a special kind of kernels for cooking and not the usual popcorn seeds. These are called microwaveable popcorn. They come in special packaging that are designed to not burn inside the microwave when the heat in concentrated on the kernels. Microwaves make cooking popcorns easy and a lot less messy. Just place the packet inside, switch it on and wait for a few minutes to get the popcorn. As the heating continues, the package expands as the kernels are popped inside the packet. It is also fun to watch through your microwave’s glass door. There is no need to pour out the contents of the package into a dish as the package serves as a container also. It is also easy to dispose of the packet after eating. Old fashioned popcorn makers used open fires for cooking. It has a stainless steel or cast iron body similar to the oven or stovetop model. The handle is made with a combination of wood and metal as the wooden handle lets you hold it without burning your hand. Its long handle also keeps your hands getting too close to the flames. The Buying Tips

When buying a machine for your home, visit a few different stores to check out the various models available in the market and then choose the one that fits in your budget and also serves the purpose. It you are willing to use it only at home for personal consumption, do not consider buying a commercial machine as they are heavy and bulky and also lead to a higher maintenance cost. Check the feature of the machine and see if they are relative to your diet. You might want to go for the Hot Air popping machine as it will be a healthier alternative. Another important factor to consider is maintenance. Look for models that are easy to clean after every use. Also, cleaning the machine after every use will make them last longer and your maintenance and repair cost will go down considerably. Hence you will possess a proper and continent popcorn maker.

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