Stacie D. Herman 2018-06-15

One of the more practical questions when designing your home, perhaps because you’ve just bought it, or perhaps because you’re refurbishing, when you have the room is do you find and buy a grandfather clock or a mantel clock. There are benefits to both, especially if you’ve inherited a grandfather clock, but most people will […]

Stacie D. Herman 2018-06-14

Today’s advanced epochs of state of the art technologies and avant-garde contrivances have revolutionized virtually every facade of our life in an unprecedented way. Even in these times where people are crazy about new technologies and gadgets, arts and antiques hold their position strong amid enthusiasts who are willing to do anything to get their […]

Stacie D. Herman 2018-06-13

There are several methods you can utilize when purchasing an Oriental vase to be sure you are getting an authentic collectible piece. With so much counterfeiting of these products today, it can be quite difficult to determine whether the Oriental vase you want to buy is really genuine or not. Sometimes people spend great amounts […]

Stacie D. Herman 2018-06-11

Britain can no longer consider itself the second largest arts and antiques auction market in the world after China took its place behind the USA in the rankings. According to a report published by Clare McAndrew for the European Fine Art Foundation, auction sales in China rose to nearly six billion Euros and accounted for […]

Stacie D. Herman 2018-06-10

Olde Good Things rescues treasure trove of architectural antiques from demolition and makes them available to collectors, interior designers, and homeowners. Everybody wins with this recycling effort. Imagine seeing a vast collection of the most beautiful decorative antique items you’ve ever seen in your life, then finding out that the place where you saw them […]

Stacie D. Herman 2018-06-09

It is a moot point whether country French antiques are really period unique genre. Antique furniture lovers around the world agree that the French country style adds warmth and depth to the living environment. During its early days of origin, French country style was referred to as Provincial Style furniture. French country antiques gained their […]

Stacie D. Herman 2018-06-08

Raising a ligustrum bonsai is really a good hobby for anyone. You’ll be able to nurture them and also give them as gifts to close buddies as well as people on special occasions. Right here are a few essential details you’ve got to know in growing a ligustrum bonsai: 1) You are able to start […]

Stacie D. Herman 2018-06-07

Antique Reproduction furniture has fans of countless ages, both young and old. It is representative of times gone by when furniture was not just functional but beautiful and decorous as well. Often commissioned by royalty from principal craftsmen and their apprentices, the furniture that we now want to emulate and keep centuries later carries the […]

Stacie D. Herman 2018-06-06

A lot of people are fond of collecting things that have historical value; the items of choice could vary depending on the interest of the person. The items to be collected are actually interesting as time, money and effort should be invested to fill one’s collection. Some like to collect medieval paintings, ancient China earthenware, […]